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30 Day Lord’s Prayer Challenge

So I’m beginning a 30 Day Lord’s Prayer Challenge today on May 14, 2014 and thought you might like to join me. You never know what God might do through many of us joining together in unity through the prayer Jesus taught us to pray. The idea is to practice the following for 30 days: […]

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Unfailing Love for a Runaway Bride

Where else but in Las Vegas, known as the “Wedding Capital of the World,” can you not only enjoy a yummy IN-N-OUT burger but also have anĀ in and out wedding at a drive up window in as little as 10 minutes. We definately have some unusual wedding venues here in this city where people believe […]

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Is God Ever Out of Order?

The first machine I wanted to hit at the gym this morning said, “Out of Order!” Was this a sign . . . this is the excuse I was looking for not to move forward with my planned exercise routine? Hardly! I wouldn’t think that way with other “Out of Order” signs I come across: […]

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